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Bonnie is a beautiful satin longhair Syrian female who was part of 13 hamsters that were dumped. We do not have a lot of history on her. She is an active young female who requires someone with hamster experience. We are working with socializing. She will require a secure habitat as females are notorious for needing a huge setup and lots of enrichment. They will chew out of plastic DIYi bins. We will require proof of a setup with pictures and all supplies prior to being approved. Location Northeast Philadelphia, Adoption fee 15.00

Hamsters are crepuscular creatures. Like many other mammals, hamsters are more likely to be awake and active at dawn or dusk. This isn’t to say that some hamsters don’t ever stay awake all night. Much like humans, individual hamsters have their own sleep patterns. They aren’t all awake and playful at exactly the same time. This does mean you may not get quality time with them since most won't wake up until evening/nighttime.
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