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April was surrendered due to unrealistic expectations. She is being worked with on hand-taming; she will take treats. April is a typical female that requires a lot of enrichment, stimulation and a proper habitat.

April needs someone who is experienced with female Syrian hamsters. She is not a good hamster for young children or an inexperienced owner. She needs someone willing to continue to work with her or accept her as she is as. April is being fostered in Philadelphia, PA.

Hamsters are crepuscular creatures. Like many other mammals, hamsters are more likely to be awake and active at dawn or dusk. This isn’t to say that some hamsters don’t ever stay awake all night. Much like humans, individual hamsters have their own sleep patterns. They aren’t all awake and playful at exactly the same time. This does mean you may not get quality time with them since most won't wake up until evening/night time.
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